Planning Successful Business Blog Entries

29 November, 2014

Planning Successful Business Blog Entries

Planning Successful Business Blog Entries

When we’ve discussed blogging for your business in the past it’s always been about the importance of SEO and keywords, how to get people to take notice and how to get more visibility to the search engines.  Sometimes though it’s good to actually take a step back from the technical side and think about the users of your website and the business you are trying to build.

Looking at the content of the blog entries that you post is also something that should be looked at with importance.  Remember, the use of a blog on your business website is your opportunity to not only inform your customers of your latest news and products but to also be informative and useful.  If you post regularly and keep the posts interested then you will build up a readership that will keep on coming back for more.

Blogging to be noticed by your Customers

The first thing to do is to work out exactly what you are going to blog about.  Think of something that will interest your customer.  This may be information about how your company works, it may be new products or it may be news about new expansions you are making.  Think of your customer base as a community that are coming to your website for a reason and use the blog as a way to gain feedback, you may be surprised as to what comes back.  If you make the customer feel they have some say in the service they are being provided you will find more interest in what you are planning to sell in the future.

Plan out when the posts will be made live to the customers.  If you look at your statistics on your site you will see when you appear to have more of an audience.  Look to have your post ready for that time of day, even if you’ve written the blog entry the day before.  Learn to schedule the post so it will be posted automatically then you won’t have to worry about getting it manually available to you.  On a good business blog you will probably want to build up a schedule that lasts days, weeks if not months into the future, you know what your business is planning in the coming months so plan out what you want the customers to know about and plan from there.

As with any writing a blog post should follow simple rules, know what you are writing about, think of a question to be raised and answer it.  Add interesting images, use bullet points to put information across in a structured way and of course write that first paragraph to grab the audience, you don’t want to lose them before they even start writing.

Never forget that SEO will be important, you do need to get your internal links, your keywords and links to other sources of information (even sponsored links) in there to strengthen your sites visibility on the internet for the search engines.  The most important thing though is that you are aiming the blog at your customers so keep that level of humanity in the posts, write it as if you were talking to the

One of the most important things about writing blogs for your business and its website is to keep it interesting not only for your customer but for your company too.  If you lose interest in writing the posts at a regular interval and feel them becoming a chore this will show in the quality of your writing.  Find interesting business related material to write about, talk enthusiastically about the products and services that you are trying to sell and show your love of your business to your customer and you will find that they will have more confidence in what you are trying to sell them.


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