Make People Comment on Your Blog or Website

29 November, 2014

Make People Comment on Your Blog or Website

Make People Comment on Your Blog or Website

When creating a website normally you build in a comments system to get feedback from your users, sometimes though you may wonder what it takes to make people post comments on the things that you are posting.  What you have to think about though is are you wording your articles in a way that you are looking for replies? Or are you ending what you have written just stating something.

The fact is you have to make your posts open ended, you have to understand who is writing your content and if you actually do want them to reply.  A lot of times your content will be just providing information, will be putting your point of view across without really asking something, but if you want comments then you have to change how you write.

Gaining Comments and If They are Required

The first thing you have to do if you want to get comments is very simple really, at the end of the content ask a question.  State what you want to say, provide the news that you want to provide then ask the readers opinion.  This may not get a response, but it will get more of a response than if you never bothered to ask.  Yes, it may seem a very simple answer to the problem but that is the answer in most cases.  Look at your stats, if there are people viewing the content that you post then these are people you can ask questions of.

The next thing you have to consider is, do you really need a reply? If you know people are visiting the page then chances are they are reading the content that you have posted.  If not, then there is your problem, you need to connect with people and get them to read it before they will even comment on what you have posted.  If you do require feedback don’t be scared to use social media to gain the answers either, post a link to the content and ask for feedback and see what you get back.

The fact is yes, replies to what you post is of course a good thing but in simple SEO terms it’s not vital to get those replies.  What you want when it comes to comments is quality not quantity, if you have written something in good faith based on facts provided to you for example which turn out to be wrong, it’s nicer to be corrected by a well-meaning reader than just to have a boring conversation going on just to get comments and of course you have to create a friendly atmosphere where people feel welcome to comment.

To make people feel welcome you have to administer the comments that are being posted, and this means to look out for abusive commenters who attack others, you have to look out for them and ban/warn them as soon as possible.  If “trolling” is dominating your comment areas then its common sense that you won’t get the attention you are looking for in a positive way so always be aware of that.

Comments are a good way to create a relationship between your website and its readers, but don’t assume because you don’t get many that you are failing in what you are doing.  Readers will comment when they want to, and hopefully will extend the content that you have posted.  For the most part to have a successful website/blog it’s important to understand your reader and work with them, don’t expect them to follow a set rule and you’ll find comments will come if they are needed.


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