How to Use Twitter to your Advantage

8 November, 2014

How to Use Twitter to your Advantage

How to Use Twitter to your Advantage

Twitter is one of the most popular Social Marketing tools of the moment.  Used correctly it can not only be useful as a tool to find information but as a way to advertise your site, increase the number of visitors you are getting and also to network with people that you may find useful.

Used correctly you can collect “followers” who will be interested not only in your point of view but also what you are trying to advertise to them.  There is a fine line though between being an interesting person to follow or just another spam account that loses followers.  The key to success is to catch people’s interest and above all control level of advertising.

Decide what you are Using Twitter For

The first thing to do is to decide what you want to get out of Twitter.  It can be an advertising tool or it can be a place to network with other people.  It can also be a place of fun.  Don’t always feel you have to stick to business but also remember that if you are a business and set up a Twitter account for it; you are talking for that business.  You have a level of respectability to keep so make sure you follow it.  If the Twitter account is only personal though and for fun then make sure that if you do connect it with your business you do state in the profile that the views are your own and not of the company you are connected to.  This can be important, especially to your employer.

Tips to Make the Most of Twitter

  • Remember who you are talking to.  These people are human beings and most expect to be talking to human beings and not an automated system that just outputs articles that have been posted on websites.  Put a human face to the Twitter account and people are more likely to follow it.
  • Treat people with respect and don’t fall into the trap of being abusive if others are that way with you.  If you are connected to your business this can actually damage the view that people will have of you.  If you find yourself being harassed it’s much easier to be courteous to them, especially if they are a customer.  If the harassment continues you can also block them instead of arguing with them.
  • Try to take part in conversations with people and show what your interests are.  The more people see that you know what you are talking about the more they will come to respect your opinion and follow your tweets.  They are also more likely to look at what you are trying to market on the site.
  • As much as it’s been stated to not over advertise, do not forget that you DO have to advertise what you are trying to sell people, or provide them with.  Do so in a way that is not aggressive and that will interest your followers and you will be more likely to become interesting.
  • Do not harass people into following you; this is more likely to get you blocked.  Most people like to make their minds up as to who they follow and who they choose not to.  Expecting people to “follow back” then complaining when they don’t will often annoy more people than just the person you are pushing for a follow.
  • Make use of hash tags to start conversations.  It is more likely that people who are not following you will take notice of the tweets you hash tag and follow you out of interest.

If you follow these tips and take notice of the trends in Twitter it is not hard to increase your audience and find like-minded people who you can network with and gain interest in your website, a product you are trying to sell or just your opinion.


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