Engage Your Blog Readers by Forming an Opinion

8 November, 2014

Engage Your Blog Readers by Forming an Opinion

Engage Your Blog Readers by Forming an Opinion

One of the forms of expression on the internet over the last few years has been “the blog” whether it’s politics, entertainment, the technology world or just about any other subject the world has woken up to the “bloggers”.  Some of the most important so called bloggers in the world have gained influence on the things they write about because they show a knowledge of what they are writing about and have the all important thing, an opinion.

The one thing that interests people is the opinion of the person who is writing the blog.  If this writer just writes informative articles for their blog for the whole of its life, people will use it as reference but there is a chance they won’t be back until they need more information.  What makes them come back though and what makes them interact with you is the opinion.

The Power of the Opinion

The blog is important to the internet because it’s a form of speech, it gave people outside the “industry” they have an interest in to show that they understand it, that they have an opinion.  They can write their point of view on a subject and write a few hundred, or even thousand words on the subject and if they are lucky other people will read it and agree with it.

Why should you form an opinion on what you are writing? Because if you catch the reader’s interest and they choose to comment on what you have written you are building a social group of people with like minds.  If you comment back, if you talk to them on social media what will happen then is these people are likely to share what you say with others, and people can see the conversations on social media and form an interest in what your point of view is.

The fact is, the “blog” has given people who are not journalists, who are not commentators on a subject or who are not famous to actually have a voice.  Just because you have a blog does not mean of course that so called important people in the industry will take notice of you, but there may be that rare chance that they do.  Show that you care about what you are writing about, that you have put some thought into it and you will show that there is a reason to actually read what you are saying.

Just as a journalist or a critic will write on the subject that they have knowledge in you do have the ability to put your point of view across, show a passion in it and you have more of a chance to be a success, and to have your blog noticed.  Whether the blog is to further your business, or just as a personal space on the internet to talk about anything you want the main thing is that you probably feel that need to be noticed by people you are wanting to reach out to.  The fact is that if you are putting your writing out there you want it to be seen, so show that you care about what you are writing about and give yourself an opinion.


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