Making Money From Unused Domain Names

8 November, 2014

Making Money From Unused Domain Names

Making Money From Unused Domain Names

When creating websites you tend to think up domain names for them and have plenty of ideas of what to do, but sometimes you end up leaving them sitting there doing nothing.  You can sell them on if it’s a good name that people will want, you could also make quite a lot of money that way.  Until you find somebody interested in it though, it’s likely just going to sit there.

The fact is though, even if you don’t want to do much work on the website connected to the domain it can still make you money.  It can take a matter of minutes to get the site actually built and ready to go, especially if you use software like Wordpress, so it’s easy to make use of something that could be so easily forgotten about.

Making Use of Those Forgotten Domains

The first thing to do is to get a basic website together.  As mentioned above use something like Wordpress, make the site itself related to the domain and create about four or five pages full of content and voila, there is a website ready to be indexed on search engines and if used correctly actually make some money.

The very next step is to consider if you want to put some advertisements on the site.  Don’t go overboard with this, you still want to make the user experience an enjoyable one, but use something like Google’s Adsense then simply forget about the site if you want.  The chances are that you will find that you actually start making money just from these advertisements.

Another thing to use the site for is to link to your other sites and use it as a gateway to those.  It should be noted Google may not like you doing this and it will have an adverse effect on your page ranking, so it’s not something to do very often.  A better thing to do is to set up the site to be a search engine and point it towards your own sites.  This will lessen the backlink aspect the site but also keep your site building traffic for your more important websites.

It’s very easy to just let a website sit there and do nothing, but the fact is if the site has reached that point you might as well have it make some money for you while it’s sat there.  You may end up selling the domain, or may decide in the future to do something with it, but while it’s set there don’t let it be lazy, make it do some work while you are doing more important things on other sites.


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